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Raising Mothers By Ashley Kahn

Feb 17, 2020

Before my kids were even born I had big dreams for them!  I would sit around and day dream about what their lives would be like.  These dreams I had created in my mind were all formed around attachments and judgements I had made.  When my sweet kiddos came into this world I quickly realized God created them for his...

Feb 10, 2020

Ok girl we are just going to do this, like really do this!  Authenticity coming in real hot in this episode!  Grab your cup of coffee, tea or whatever is your jam and lets hang!

[ 5:22 ] Learn to say no when your soul is not aligned.  If there is something that you are approached with and in your gut and soul you...

Feb 4, 2020

Sometimes different seasons in our lives require us to look at things through a different lens!  The way you have always done things just may not work anymore!  In this episode we capture how taking a different angle and changing our perspective can bring beauty and life into all the different seasons we go through.